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Elevate your shooting precision with the Meprolight MEPRO Micro RDS Kit 88070500, an innovative solution designed for both pistols and rifles. Engineered for easy operation, this cutting-edge reflex sight offers a seamless transition from iron sights to a red dot. Its user-friendly quick-detach (QD) mount enables you to mount or dismount the optic effortlessly without the need to re-zero, saving time and maintaining accuracy.

Precision and reliability converge in the MEPRO Micro RDS Kit. With its 3.0 MOA red dot, shooters can acquire targets swiftly and with greater accuracy. Ideal for day, low-light, or nighttime conditions, the robust sight window ensures a broad field of view with both eyes open. Whether for professional use or personal defense, this sight is tailored for high performance under various lighting conditions.

The kit's integration with Meprolight Tru-Dot self-illuminated sights serves as a reliable backup, ensuring continuous operational capability. This synergy provides peace of mind that, even when the red dot optic is detached, your targeting capability remains intact. The MEPRO Micro RDS is the optimal choice for shooters seeking a combination of advanced technology, durability, and versatility.


  • QUICK DETACH SYSTEM: Effortlessly remove and reattach the sight without re-zeroing, maintaining accuracy and saving time.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Compatible with Meprolight Tru-Dot sights for an uninterrupted transition from backup iron sights to a red dot.
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: Fits almost any pistol and enhances shooting precision for various firearms without permanent modifications.
  • ADVANCED OPTICS: A crystal-clear 3.0 MOA red dot promotes rapid target acquisition in any lighting scenario, from bright daylight to the darkest night.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Durable construction ensures longevity and reliability throughout rigorous use in different environments and conditions.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Engineered for convenience with its large sight window, lightweight profile, and extensive eye relief.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Optimal battery life with a standard CR2032 battery ensures consistent operation without frequent replacements.
  • UNINTERRUPTED FOV: Engage targets with both eyes open thanks to the large display window, offering superior situational awareness.


Feature Specification
Magnification Range 1x
Reticle Details 3 MOA dot
Battery CR2032
Battery Type CR2032
Product Type Reflex Sight/Red Dot
Item Condition New
UPC 810013520293
MPN 88070500

Included In The Box

  • 1 x Meprolight MEPRO Micro RDS Optic
  • 1 x Quick Release (QR) Adaptor
  • Backup Night Sights Kit
  • User Manual

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