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Discover precision like never before with the Meprolight Micro RDS Reflex Sight. This compact and lightweight sighting device is designed to meet the needs of diverse firearms - from handguns and rifles to shotguns. With its crystal-clear aiming point, this sight ensures rapid target acquisition in all light conditions, making it a reliable partner for your shooting adventures.

One of the standout features of this sight is the patented Quick Detach (QD) adaptor that remains sight zeroed at all times. This allows for seamless mounting and dismounting without re-zeroing, saving you valuable time and effort. What's more, the sight mounts directly to Meprolight’s TruDot® self-illuminated pistol sights, serving as an excellent backup when the red dot optic is removed.

With a 1 x Auto + 3 x Manual reticule brightness and a battery that lasts for up to 200 hours at the highest brightness, the Meprolight Micro RDS Reflex Sight is designed for extended use. Replacing the battery doesn't require removal of the sight from gun mounts, ensuring uninterrupted use.

The sight is built to last, with a sturdy construction that can withstand harsh shooting environments. This durability, combined with the convenience of its quick-release feature and a self-illuminated backup night sight, positions the Meprolight Micro RDS Reflex Sight as an indispensable tool for any firearm enthusiast.

Mepro Micro RDS Features:

  • ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL: The Meprolight Micro RDS Reflex Sight is designed with versatility in mind, capable of adapting to multiple firearms such as handguns (both classic and optics-ready), rifles, and shotguns, making it a single solution for various firearm types.
  • DAY-NIGHT CAPABILITY: Our Reflex Sight offers a clear aiming point, regardless of light conditions. Whether you're in bright daylight or in darker environments, it provides consistent visibility ensuring precision with each shot.
  • QUICK DETACH: This Reflex Sight boasts a patented Quick Detach (QD) Adaptor. It keeps the sight zeroed at all times, so you can attach and remove it with ease, without worrying about re-zeroing, thereby saving your time and ensuring accuracy.
  • COMPATIBLE DESIGN: This Sight mounts directly to Meprolight’s TruDot® self-illuminated pistol sights. Its compatibility with existing systems means you can integrate it seamlessly into your firearm setup without any extra modifications or adjustments.
  • SELF-ILLUMINATED BACKUP SIGHT: For added versatility and assurance, the Reflex Sight comes with a self-illuminated backup night sight. This feature provides continuous and dependable guidance even when the primary red dot optic is removed.
  • EASY BATTERY REPLACEMENT: We understand the inconvenience of dismounting sights for battery replacements. That's why we designed this Reflex Sight so that battery replacement does not require removal of the sight from your firearm's mounts.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE: Despite its powerful capabilities, the Micro RDS Reflex Sight weighs just 37 grams or 1.3 ounces, offering a lightweight addition that doesn't compromise the balance of your firearm, while its sturdy construction ensures longevity.
  • ACCURATE AND VERSATILE AIMING: The Sight offers an aiming point diameter of 3/6 MOA, and adjustable reticle brightness with one automatic and three manual settings. These features provide you with flexible, precise, and consistent aiming capabilities in various situations and conditions


  • Higher precision, Instant target acquisition
  • Bigger aiming point helps shooter to overcome vision problems
  • MicroRDS with quick release adapter mounts directly to TruDot™ self-illuminated backup night sight
  • Both eyes open - Increased situational awareness
  • Easier long range engagement
  • Battery change does not require removal of sight from slide keeps the sight zeroed at all times
  • Adjustable aiming point brightness (doesn’t exist in iron sight)


  • For some shooters, the sight might change the weight balance of the Handgun
  • The sight might not fit all standard holsters

Available Configurations:

Option 1- Full Set
MEPRO MicroRDS Red Dot Sight.
Quick Release Adaptor.
Backup Self-illuminated Night Sight Set.

Option 2- Quick Release Adaptor
Quick Release Adaptor.
Backup Self-illuminated Night Sight Set.
Support Plates.

Option 3- Optical Sight only
MEPRO MicroRDS Red Dot Sight.

Mepro Micro RDS Technical Specifications:

Weight (Sight Only) 37 gr. / 1.3 Oz
Dimensions (LxWxH)
(Sight Only)

46x 33 x 26 mm

1.8″ x 1.3″ x 1″

Window Size

22.5 x 17.5 mm

0.9″ x 0.7″

Aiming Point Diameter 3 / 6 MOA
Zeroing Knobs Horizontal & Vertical
Click Size 1 MOA
Reticule Brightness 1 x Auto + 3 x Manual
Battery Type 1 x CR2032
Weapon Adaptor Weapon Adaptor Adjustable to Most Handguns
Interface Dovetail (Backup Sight)
Illumination Tritium
Supported Sights
Micro red dot sights
Trijicon RMR ,EOTech MRDS, Leopold
Delta, Docter, CMORE, Vortex,
Operation Time

10 Years (Self-illuminated night

200 hours (continuous, highest brightness)

Power Saving

Light sensor, Motion sensor

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