EOTech HHS-GRN Green Holographic Hybrid Sight - EXPS2-0GRN with G33 Magnifier

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The EOTech HHS Green Holographic Hybrid Sight - EXPS2-0GRN with G33 Magnifier represents the pinnacle of sophisticated optics technology, designed to provide unparalleled accuracy and versatility. This hybrid sight system marries the rapid target acquisition of the EXPS2 holographic sight with the extended-range precision provided by the G33 magnifier. Serving as a quintessential tool for marksmen, it accommodates rapid engagement of close-quarter targets while also granting the shooter the ability to easily switch to a magnified view for longer distances.

Crafted to maximize the shooter's situational awareness, the EXPS2 features a green holographic reticle with a 68 MOA outer ring and a precise 1 MOA center aiming dot. This combination allows for quick sighting over short to medium ranges and is complemented by 20 brightness settings to ensure visibility in most lighting conditions. The sight is highly robust, with anti-reflective coated glass and a compact form factor that preserves rail space.

The included G33 Magnifier is a game-changer, offering 3x magnification for enhanced target identification and accuracy at range. The magnifier's Switch to Side (STS) mount provides seamless transitions between magnified and unmagnified views without comprising the shooter’s position. Tool-free adjustments for windage and elevation, as well as a weatherproof housing, solidify this optic as a reliable addition to any firearm. Both EOTech components are engineered for durability, with the EXPS2 being submersible up to 33 feet and boasting an integrated quick-release mount for easy attachment and detachment from any Picatinny or Weaver rail system without re-zeroing.


  • RAPID TARGET ACQUISITION: Combines the EXPS2 holographic sight with the G33 Magnifier for swift engagement from close to medium range.
  • GREEN HOLOGRAPHIC RETICLE: 68 MOA outer ring and 1 MOA center aiming dot for precise targeting, with 20 brightness levels for adaptability to lighting conditions.
  • EXTENDED RANGE PRECISION: G33 Magnifier with 3x magnification feature and STS mount enhances long-distance accuracy, and quick transitions to unmagnified view.
  • VERSATILE MOUNTING: Quick-release Picatinny/Weaver rail mount, compatible with a variety of firearms, allows for rapid installation or removal.
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Submersible to 33 feet with fog-resistant internal optics, ensuring performance under the most demanding conditions.
  • CONSERVE RAIL SPACE: The compact EXPS2 offers both eyes open sighting without monopolizing rail space, allowing for additional accessories.
  • EXTENSIVE BATTERY LIFE: A single CR123 battery powers the EXPS2 for up to 600 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 for consistent readiness.
  • WINDAGE & ELEVATION ADJUSTMENTS: Tool-free adjustments on both the EXPS2 sight and G33 Magnifier make sighting in hassle-free and precise.


Feature Specification
Magnification Range 3x
Power Supply 1 x CR123 battery
Weight 22.4 ounces
Reticle Details 68 MOA Ring w/ 1 MOA Ballistic Dot
Battery Life 600 continuous hours at setting 12
Battery Type CR123A
Product Type Holographic Sight
Brightness Settings 20
Night Vision Compatible No
Item Condition New
UPC 672294600633


  • EOTech HHS Green (EXPS2-0GRN & G33.STS)
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Warranty & Registration Card
  • CR123 Battery
  • Protective Case

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